Frontiers: Republique Restaurant Review

I've been following chef Walter Manzke's career for a while now since he was chef at Bastide, then left to open Church & State in Downtown LA (part of the restaurant renaissance down there about 5 years ago) and then more recently he opened a Tijuana taqueria-inspired restaurant called Petty Cash on Beverly, which is delicious.

This past winter, he took over the old Campanile space on Beverly, which in turn had taken over a historic building that Charlie Chaplin had built in 1929 to house his offices, and turned it into a refined yet laidback French-inspired brasserie called Republique.

It's a little on the pricy side, but as usual with Manzke's menu, the food is absolutely delicious, the ingredients and dishes are ultra-seasonal and local, and the ambiance is convivial and welcoming. All in all, it makes for a great evening out in LA.

To read more about it and my full review, check out my article in Frontiers: Vive La Republique!