Review: Church & State

So probably the most exciting review meal I went on last week was to a restaurant in downtown LA called Church & State. After a rough first few months which saw upheaval in the kitchen and in the upstairs offices, the restaurant is now under the sole control of Yassmin Sarmadi, and the kitchen is in the fine, accomplished hands of Walter Manzke, who whips up an extraordinary menu of fun French faves.

When you read my review, you will probably gasp at the amount of food I was able to pack away, but when it's this good, you don't skimp!

And just in case you want to see some of the delectable dishes I was treated to, I'll include some photos below.

Peach-Brie Tarte Alsatienne
Fried Pig's Ears with Bearnaise
Steak Frites
Dessert Plate inlcuding Pot de Creme and Fruit Tarts