LowFares: San Francisco Destination Guide

My most recent Destination Guide for LowFares happens to be about one of my favorite destinations: San Francisco.

Not only do I cover some of the hotels I've gotten to stay in recently like the Crescent, the Vertigo and the Frank, but also some of the great restaurants I've experienced (and want to experience, like Frances), and the lovely ladies of Carried Away, who showed me some of the city's best hidden treasures like Hooker's Sweet Treats Cafe. That totally sounds dirty, but it wasn't at all--the day I spent with them was enlightening, and that's the adjective I'm sticking with!

Meanwhile, to find out all my picks for SF and what to do there, take a look at my destination guide at the link below!

LowFares: http://www.lowfares.com/blog/2010/11/12/destination-guide-san-francisco/