HotelChatter: Hotels Vertigo and Frank in San Francisco

While I was in San Francisco last week, I got the chance to stay at two hotels I've been meaning to check out for a while, the Hotel Vertigo and the Hotel Frank. The two hotels were once part of the Personality Hotels portfolio, and were under renovation (under the sophisticated eye of designer Thomas Schoos) when Personality ran into some financial woes and decided to sell to another boutique hotel chain based in Portland, Oregon: Provenance Hotels.

That all happened back in May, so it was high time to check out what was going on at the properties and see if the renovation process was getting back underway. Good news: it is, and the hotels are looking good, though there's still work to be done. Still, they're a real bargain for their boutique quality as close to Union Square as they are, so I'd recommend them for a San Francisco getaway if you're thinking about one. Read about why in my story at he link below!