Jaunted: British Airways' Galleries Lounge at Heathrow

It's time for another of my Jaunted stories on airport lounges. In the past, I've taken you inside the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney, the British Airways Terraces Lounge in San Francisco, and the Air New Zealand Koru Lounge at LAX.

This time, I take you inside the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge at Heathrow, which I got to enjoy on my last trip passing through London. No video walk-through with this one unfortunately, but there is a whole photo gallery, and a complete rundown of what you'll find not only in the Club Lounge, but also in the three (yes, three!) other lounges in the enormous complex at the shiny new Terminal 5.

To see what's in store for you on your next jaunt through London, go ahead and click on the link to my story below.

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2010/11/17/174625/82/travel/Inside+the+British+Airways+Galleries+Club+Lounge+at+London-Heathrow