Jaunted: Inside British Airways' Terraces Lounge at SFO

You might have read about my trip on LAN's inaugural San Francisco-Lima flight last week on Jaunted (or yesterday here on my site). Before I got on the flight, though, I was invited to spend some time in the British Airways Terraces Lounge at SFO International Airport (I had a little layover between my flight up from LA and the flight down to Peru).

BA is a member of the oneworld Alliance of airlines that includes LAN and American, so as a LAN Premium Business Class passenger, I was allowed to take advantage of the facilities and its amenities.

While there, I took a gallery worth of photos, tested out the business center and the wandering WiFi, and munched on a bunch of the snacks. And, okay, yes, I had a glass of Pommery champagne, but only because the staff forced it on me. To find out more about the lounge and check out my photos, take a look at my story on Jaunted at the link below.

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2010/7/11/204321/411/travel/Inside+the+British+Airways+Terraces+Lounge+at+San+Francisco+International