LA Confidential: Scotch Cocktails in Los Angeles

Although I tend to tipple wines more than beer or spirits, when I do need a good stiff one - a drink, that is - my eye immediately scans a cocktail menu for the selection of whiskies and more often than not, I settle on a scotch.

Although the peaty, smokey flavor of some scotches is too much for your average drinker, I find scotch intoxicating in more ways than one because, like wines, each one expresses its terroir - its origins, its distillation process and its aging characteristics, and  it's that core of authenticity and uniqueness that draws me to these fine brown spirits.

I'm not the only one, either. Once a spirit drunk only on its own, multi-talented mixologists around Los Angeles have been incorporating scotch into captivating cocktails for some time now, so I decided to go out and sample a few for myself as well as finding out what goes into them. I talked to the barsmiths at Kendall's Brasserie and Seven Grand downtown as well as at Ten Pound at the Montage Beverly Hills to get their takes on scotch...and had a little hair put on my chest in the meantime!

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