HotelChatter: Cool Hotel Jobs

Another week, another HotelChatter series! This time around, I revisit what turned out to be quite a popular idea: the coolest hotel jobs out there. And I don't mean being your average, run-of-the-mill concierge or sommelier. I am talking out-of-the-box, amazing, can't-find-anywhere-else jobs. And just wait till you see what I have lined up this week.

To start, I talked to a man who I can only describe as Peninsula Hotels' Head Geek, Ingvar Herland. He runs the hotel group's Electronic Services Department, which means his is the mind behind all the fancy gadgetry and life-easing gizmos in their luxury hotel rooms.

But it's more than wiring and electronics--Ingvar's job is to conceive of guest comforts guests don't even know they want, and then manifest them in easy-to-use controls in the rooms. Oh, and they test them out in a secret location. Totally cool, right?

To read about what Ingvar does and the great lengths Peninsula goes to to protect the creations he and his team come up with, check out the first installment in my More Cool Hotel Jobs series at the link below.