HotelChatter: 6 Hotel Jobs That Are Better Than Yours

This was definitely one of the more fun HotelChatter stories I've written in a while. Basically, I had a little brainstorm about a few of the hotels I've stayed in lately and those I've learned about, and focused on ones with unique, quirky amenities, then zeroed in on the people who bring them to life.

That's how I started to make my list of the coolest hotel jobs out there, including the Reader in Residence at Andaz, the Whisky Sommelier at London's Athenaeum Hotel (which will also be featured on HotelChatter later this week), and the Ocean Butler at the St. Regis Princeville on Kauai.

Sound interesting? Those are just the first few that came to mind! This particular story has three more jobs in it, but there are dozens more out there, so I'm hoping to turn this into a little series that highlights some very special people in the hotel industry from around the world. For now, enjoy this first entry, and don't try to tell me that if you got offered to be the chocolatiere in residence at a hotel that you would turn it down!