Jaunted: Flights on a Flight, Air New Zealand's Wine Program

With this story, I got to combine two of my favorite interests, travel and wine! I got to write a bit about the food and beverage programs for V Australia and LAN based on trips I took with those airlines in the last year, but I'm hoping to begin a series for Jaunted specifically on wine programs starting with this one about Air New Zealand's.

I wrote it based on my experiences flying with them between Los Angeles and London, as well as on the selection of wines in their Koru Lounge at LAX. Not only were the wines pretty solid, but the airline produces and distributes a very handy little wine guide that talks about the particular wines they are serving at the moment, as well as about New Zealand's wines in general, and the country's individual wine regions. I found the whole experience to be quite educational...and it was just plain fun to get to try all these wines.

To find out more about the airline's wine program, take a look at my story by clicking on the link below!

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2010/11/8/182933/910/travel/Flights+on+a+Flight%3A+A+Guide+to+Air+New+Zealand%27s+Wines