Jaunted: High-Altitude High-End Dining on V Australia

It's been a few months since that trip to Western Australia back in November, but the memories of my excellent experiences in V Australia's International Business Class are still fresh, so I was thrilled this week to get the opportunity to write about their stellar food and beverage service for Jaunted.

It made me realize just how much I ate (and drank!) on the flights, and though it's true, the food isn't ever quite as good as on the ground, it was still pretty delicious, and certainly among the best eats I've had up in the air. Ryan Bingham would drool. Meanwhile, I hope that you marvel as much as I did at the sheer number of photos I took, and get as much enjoyment reading about my flight (of wine) on a flight as I had sampling the vinos.

To learn more about what's on the slab on board, read my full article here: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2010/3/10/132251/151/travel/High-Altitude%20High-End%20Dining%20on%20V%20Australia


Anna said…
And to think Daily Candy made V Australia seem like the new hot thing THIS week (7months after Eric wrote about it). OF COURSE, Eric the Epicure has already been there, done that and written all about it. Thanks Eric!