HotelChatter: Las Ventanas Al Paraiso's Director of Romance

If you follow my travels on Twitter, you'll know that my recent whirlwind of activity ended on a high (and hot) note down on the sunny shores of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. There I enjoyed the unparalleled hospitality of Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Cabo's only AAA Five Diamond resort.

Among the many other amenities that distinguish this idyllic Rosewood property is the fact that they have a "Director of Romance" on staff. That's right, there is an actual position with that title, and she is in charge of making sure guests experience the best of the resort and have the most romantic time possible--whether it's enjoying the hotel's standard offerings, or setting up special packages tailored to their particular needs.

The resort recently hired a new Romance Director. Her name is Esmeralda Silva (perfect, no?), and she hails from the W Mexico City. While I was in Cabo, I pulled her aside at a sunset cocktail party to talk about what she does, what makes the resort so special, and what we can all do to spice up our romances. So check out the video "Pitch Your Hotel" I did with her, and see if you can resist the charms of Las Ventanas al Paraiso.