Tequila Tastings at Las Ventanas al Paraiso

Tequila seems to be the new artisanal liquor this year, with all kinds of organic, small-batch producers popping up with their fancy distillations. Though I am not a huge fan of tequila, even I have been interested enough to go to a few special tastings and learn more about this notorious alcohol.

Another thing I'm not too crazy about is Cabo. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful place, and many of the resorts are just gorgeous, but I can only handle so many days of beach vacation before I get a little stir crazy, and there's not too much else to see in Cabo besides spring break-style party bars and sunburned Americans in every direction.

Ah well, before I get too down on either tequila or Cabo, let me just say that this combination of the two in special tequila tastings at the beautiful Las Ventanas al Paraiso piqued even my interest. Now if I could just figure out an excuse to get down there...