LowFares: Schoenbrunn

If you read my LowFares City Guide to Vienna from yesterday, you'll know that the city has plenty of wonderful museums and sights for the curious of intellect...and the art history snobs! But one place that almost everyone who comes to Austria's capital visits is the grandiose, distinctively yellow palace of Schoenbrunn. It was built to rival Versailles, and though its scale doesn't quite match, it's pretty close. The tour of the interior rooms is also pretty spectacular, and the expansive park grounds are a pleasure to wander, making it the perfect respite from a hectic summer day in Vienna.

To read more about what makes Schoenbrunn such a special place, how to get there, what you'll see, and where to go, plus a few tips on catching summer concerts in the Orangerie, take a look at my Lowfares article on it by clicking on the link below.

Link: http://www.lowfares.com/blog/2010/07/05/schoenbrunn-lessons-in-history-and-lavish-living/