LowFares: Fabulous Wines and Times in the Yarra Valley

Yesterday, I posted my Melbourne City Guide from my Australia series on LowFares this week. Today, I'm continuing the series with a quick guide to spending a couple days in the nearby Yarra Valley--one of Australia's most famous wine regions, and a place that produces a wide variety of high-quality wines.

Since it's just 45 minutes from Melbourne, the Yarra makes for a perfect day-trip while visiting the city, but I've included a bunch of restaurant, hotel and non-tasting activity suggestions in the piece as well in case you want to make it a larger part of your Australian itinerary. I've also mentioned all the wineries I visited, plus a few others I spied from afar, or whose wines I've tasted and admired.

I didn't have a huge word count with this, so I'm sure there are plenty more fantastic places to enjoy in the Valley. Got one in mind that I left out? Let me know! Otherwise, enjoy my article by clicking on the link below.

Link: http://www.lowfares.com/blog/2010/07/19/yarra-valley-wine-tours-hot-air-balloons-and-charming-bbs/