TravelAge West:: ATE Coverage

Just in case you were thinking (as most of my friends seem to) that my recent trip to Australia was just a fun vacation, I now have proof positive that it was all about work! Though I've already put out a few articles detailing different aspects of the experiences I had including one on the Hilton Sydney and two others on Qantas, my biggest article to date just came out this week on the web site for TravelAge West.

TravelAge West is a new publication for me. Targeted at travel industry professionals in the U.S., as well as at the general reading public, it covers both the the trade aspect of the industry as well as new and interesting itineraries. I'll also be writing for them about Melbourne and the Barossa, but for now, they have published my synopsis of the Australian Tourism Exchange in Adelaide--the trade show that was the main reason for my going to Australia this time.

In the article, I cover the major announcements and press conferences including the launch of Tourism Australia's "There's Nothing Like Australia" campaign, South Australia's individual tourism pushes, Qantas's A380 service, and the unveiling of the Saffire-Freycinet resort in Tasmania as part of the Luxury Lodges of Australia association.

Lots went on, and I cover it all. So to find out what's new in Australia these days, take a look at my article at the link below!