HotelChatter: Covent Garden Fridays at Hilton Sydney

Last week while I was in Sydney, I was invited to stay at the Hilton Sydney for two nights in a fantastic King Relaxation Suite. One of the evenings I was there, I had a cocktail tasting at the hotel's popular Zeta Bar, and dinner at Luke Mangan's restaurant, glass brasserie.

The mixologist at Zeta Bar, Grant Collins, consults on "experimental cocktails" all over the world, and after taking a look at the menu at Zeta, you can see why. There are all sorts of crazy new flavor mash-ups, and things like Long Island Iced Tea jelly candies, pepper-smoked ice, and bacon-infused bourbon. It's a cocktail lover's paradise.

This quick post on HotelChatter today, however, is about Zeta's new Winter Party on Fridays where the bar is transforming its outdoor patio into Covent Garden, complete with street performers, food carts and other whimsical accoutrements. It might seem an odd choice, but wait till you see the view from the terrace onto the Queen Victoria Building across George Street, and you'll see why it all works.

Want to learn more about what they're doing, and what some of the fantastical specialty cocktails involve? Take a look at my story by clicking on the link below.