Jaunted: The Points Guy Maximizes our Miles

Lately I've been writing a lot of stories about my friend Brian Kelly, who has become "The Points Guy," a regular everyday superhero for those of us looking to make good use of our loyalty program points.

That's mainly because I think he's pretty much a genius. Not only does he amass vast quantities of loyalty points across airline and hotel programs, but he puts them to better use than anyone else I've met, scoring sweet suite upgrades at every hotel, and getting bumped up to business and first class even on those fully booked, coveted international flights. He's even helping me get to Europe myself this summer, so I'm grateful to him, and I've been writing about all the topics we've been discussing lately.

First was this article last month on HotelChatter, and then another one about elite airline status on LowFares.

On Monday, the final article of mine about him (for now!) came out on Jaunted, and has to do with how to make the most of your airline miles--maximizing them, choosing the right airline for you, and the insane deal he got where $232 earned him a whopping 45,000 miles on Delta. No joke!

Want to learn more, take a look at my article at the link below.

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2010/5/24/144848/583/travel/%27The+Points+Guy%27+Shares+His+Secrets+for+Maximum+Frequent+Flyer+Miles