Palate Press: Arcadian Wines Tasting

Remember the other day when I said my story on the Hotel Corque was going to be my last piece on Solvang and Santa Barbara's wine country for a while? Well, I lied.

A couple weeks ago, I also wrote a piece for Palate Press about the tasting I had at Arcadian with owner-winemaker Joe Davis. I can honestly say that it was one of the most special tastings I've had, as Joe sat with me for three hours talking at length about his personal history, his winemaking philosophy, and the specifics about the wines that he produces...before tasting me on seven of his phenomenal wines. It truly was a wonderful afternoon, and only confirmed that his are some of my favorite wines from the area.

To see why, take a look at my story and the accompanying tasting notes I took on the wines we tried together.