Palate Press: Wining and Dining Through Western Australia

As you may recall, I got to take an amazing trip to Western Australia in November, and I recently wrote a brief travelogue about it, as told through the wines I tasted in the Margaret River, for Palate Press. In it, I talk about the individual wines I was able to try, the winemaking scene in general there and how it differs from other parts of Australia, and the history and topography of the region.

Basically, I tell the story of the trip once we hit the Margaret River region part of the itinerary, and focus on the fabulous wines we got to try in Australia's under-explored far southwest. I think readers will come away with a better understanding not only of what is coming out of the region (and the appellation of Margaret River in particular), but also a quick hit list of some great wines to to try from there.

Stay tuned for another story about the wild experiences, literally wild, as in, nature, that I had while on the other side of the world, coming soon on Wandermelon, but in the meantime, drink in this story of the good life on Palate Press.