HotelChatter: Four Seasons Scottsdale's Facial for Chemistry Dorks!

While I was at a Phoenix/Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) get together a few weeks ago at Vinoteque, I was speaking with the marketing rep for the Four Seasons Scottsdale, and she told me about this new line of skin care products from Hungary that the hotel's spa is incorporating into their treatments.

Among the new treatments using the Omorvicza products is the Pinnacle Facial, which incorporates a few elements you'd find on the Periodic Table, including copper, zinc, and even gold. Dork that I am, my mind naturally went back to high-school chemistry class, and hence the idea behind this fun little post on HotelChatter.

To learn more about the resort, its spa, and the products they are using in this unique, chemistry coddling, click on the link to my story below!