Review: Vinoteque on Melrose

I never quite made it into the former location of Vinoteque in Culver City, though my nephew Charlie and I did a drive-by scouting trip of it once, and he seemed to approve (this was before he could talk). By the time I tried to stop in for an impromptu dinner, I walked up to the door to find a sign that the restaurant had been unable to renew its wine and beer license, and had closed for the time being.

It was with some surprise that I learned it would actually be reopening right on Melrose in West Hollywood a year later, so I felt it was just too convenient not to stop on by there on a recent brisk Sunday evening for a nice glass of wine and a hot meal.

Everything I ate was pretty good, though the wine list had some hits and misses. Maybe they'll revise it over time, but I think it's still a great option for wine and tapas in the neighborhood...and the patio is absolutely gorgeous in fine weather.

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