HotelChatter: Bradley Ogden's Root 246 at Hotel Corque

While I was in Solvang last month for two nights at the Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort, I figured, why not stick around for an extra night and check out a new hotel in town that I'd been meaning to visit called the Hotel Corque?

I'd been meaning to visit the Corque since running into Bradley Ogden last year at the Taste of the Valleys tasting room in Solvang while I was up visiting Lompoc for the first time. He told me he was opening a new restaurant in town in the spring and ever since, I've wanted to get back up there to try it.

So, I decided to kill a few birds with a single stone. I'd get to explore the new hotel (which I'll be reviewing for HotelChatter soon), try the restaurant, which is called Root 246 (after the highway that runs from Lompoc to Solvang), and I'd have an extra day to visit some of my friends in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto (and meet some new winemakers too!).
With that in mind, I reserved a lovely room, made a dinner reservation, and set appointments with the winemakers, and I prepared for a fantastic final day in Santa Ynez. More on all that later, but in the meantime, my review of Root 246 just went up on HotelChatter today, with plenty of photos of the dishes I tried, and you can find it at the following link.