Frontiers: Cliff's Edge and Escargots Around LA

Cliff's Edge in Silverlake is routinely voted one of Los Angeles's most romantic restaurants, and is also one of the Eastside's most popular brunch spots. My editor at Frontiers asked me to head in there for a review dinner a few weeks ago, courtesy of Corsican-born owner Pierre Casanova (yes, that's his real name!). My friend and I had a great time on the leafy, torch-lit patio, as I'm sure you'll be able to tell by reading the review.

Then, as part of Frontiers' new format, I create a short roundup at the end of each review of other restaurants where you can find excellent versions of one of the dishes I mention. This time it was one of my favorites, escargots. So, where should you go to get some of the best snails in Los Angeles? Well, I only had room for four entries, and I didn't want to repeat any of the bistros I had included in my roundup of the best moules frites in town with my Frontiers review of Delphine, so this time I talked about: Bouchon (probably the best dish I had there!), Church & State (the most interesting presentation of escargots I've ever seen), Lilly's French Cafe and Bar (an old Westside classic), and Pinot Bistro (what a great setting, and in the Valley, too!). To find out why I chose the four I chose, read my piece in Frontiers below.