Review: Hudson House in Redondo Beach

The weekend after Thanksgiving while I was staying down in Torrance at the new Miyako Hybrid Hotel, I decided to stop by the Hudson House Bar in Redondo Beach nearby. I'd been meaning to get down there for a few months since the little gastropub from the husband-wife team behind Beechwood in Venice opened last spring.

Now, I don't know about you, but I usually expect to see rowdy fratboys and carousing coeds at the bars in that neck of town, but Hudson House is much more of a neighborhood place with some excellent artisanal beers on tap and by the bottle, plus more than a few organic and sustainable wines on the list.

There is also a small food menu with fresh, gourmet (but not snooty) twists on your average bar food items. I had the burger, which came very highly recommended, as well as a side of fried cauliflower (delish) and an avocado salad. Sure, the meal was heavy, but it tasted great as I washed it down with samples of a few different beers. Next time, I'm definitely getting the ice cream cookie sandwich for dessert with Boddington's ice cream.

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