Inside the Miyako Hybrid Hotel

Since I started writing regularly for HotelChatter, I have made a walk-through video of every hotel room I've stayed in (and several that I haven't been staying in myself), to post on the site. This past weekend, I was invited to spend a night at the new Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance (yes, Torrance, but hey, it's headquarters to a lot of big companies, so it's a good location for business travel). Personally, I think the claims of being eco-friendly and environmentally conscious enough to be labeled "hybrid" are a little far-fetched seeing as the solar paneling on the roof only provides 5-10% of the hotel's energy needs, and all the new hotels feature key-holders next to the door so that when you leave, the lights and air shut off to conserve energy, so it's nothing special. But at least they're making an effort here. Plus, it was just plain fun to spend a night in a hotel. Room rates will start at $159, so take a look at my room and all its features and see what you think.