Cubicle Dreamin': Reid's Palace

Last month I wrote a Cubicle Dreamin' story for HotelChatter on the Cape Kidnappers resort in New Zealand. I wasn't scheduled to write another one, but when my editor heard about a new initiative at Reid's Palace on the Portuguese island of Madeira. I told her I'd always wanted to stay there, so she suggested I do another CD piece on the place.

The funny thing is, I actually discovered Reid's while day-dreaming in my cubicle years ago at Penguin Books, so there is a measure of verite to the piece. I was bored and surfing the web dreaming of exotic destinations, and since then, I've wanted to go to this 19th century grande dame, if only because Madeira seems so exotic--beautiful emerald island in the middle of the stormy Atlantic.

While researching the story, I came across all kinds of interesting factoids about its history and its place in the international luxury hotel pantheon, so I hope you enjoy my fantasy: