Cubicle Dreamin': Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand

Today, I was asked to contribute to HotelChatter's "Cubicle Dreamin'" series, where they ask their writers to pick a fantasy destination, explain where they'd like to go, and why.

After two trips to Europe this year, I've been thinking a lot about heading in another destination. South America (Peru, specifically) is high on my list. Or why not go in completely the opposite direction and skip over to Asia or the South Pacific?

My laser-like wanderlust has focused lately on Australia and New Zealand because they are just so far away...and I'm eager to learn more about their wines, of course. That is how I came up with my destination for today: The Farm at Cape Kidnappers. The 26-room lodge on New Zealand's North Island seems like it's at the end of the world, hours away from Auckland or Wellington, and situated on the sea coast of one of the country's most important wine regions, Hawkes Bay.

The resort itself looks gorgeous, and has won all kinds of acclaim for its country-luxury decor, its world-class golf course, and its gourmet restaurant. Add in some winery tours, kiwi safari hikes, paragliding lessons, and amazing clifftop views, and I think I just might have found paradise on earth.

Oh, and if you're wondering why it's called Cape Kidnappers, the story goes that when Captain Cook was sailing around the world, one of his Tahitian interpreters was kidnapped by Maoris at this very spot. When Cook's ship fired on the raiding party, the translator managed to jump overboard and swim back to safety aboard the HMS Endeavor. Not the most climactic tale, but the name stuck.

To read more about this destination, and just why I want to go there so much, check out my story here: