Los Angeles Confidential: Herringbone at Mondrian Sunset

With a few fits and starts, Brian Malarkey has fast been cultivating a restaurant empire down in San Diego (with outposts in Scottsdale and Austin as well), and now the chef has made a triumphant return to his old stomping grounds in LA with a new location of his Herringbone brand at the Mondrian Sunsent.

For nearly a decade, the Mondrian was synonymous with Asia de Cuba, but with changing times come changing tastes, and it was time for something new. Enter Brian Malarkey and his fish-meets-field concept where everything from both farm and fishery is fresh, seasonal and served with an innovative SoCal twist.

I sat down to talk with the chef about his new restaurant, what we might find on the menu and more in my article in LA Confidential: Brian Malarkey Reels in Success with New Herringbone Outpost.