LA Confidential: Gourmet Mac 'N Cheese

Can I let you in on a little secret? I actually hate mac 'n cheese. I would never order it for myself when out at a restaurant.

But remember that whole comfort food trend that blew up right around the same time the recession hit back in 2008 where every single restaurant seemed to have a mac 'n cheese menu special - mostly with grated parmesan or truffles or bacon? That was like hell for me because, as a restaurant reviewer, of course I had to try it, and as I said before I hate it.

All I would think is, each bite is an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow. Sigh. That said, I would still eat it and I can still appreciate what's good about a dish of mac 'n cheese, and I never say no to truffles, so don't feel too bad for me.

Well, the old dish (it originated in the 14th century!) is still going strong, and I think I'll be plied with various versions as long as I'm a food writer, so we decided to cover some of the best gourmet iterations of this simple treat in the current issue of LA Confidential.

The versions I found at restaurants like Bouchon, MessHall, The Belmont and Melisse, incorporate everything from lobster to roasted garlic to pork belly, and all kinds other tasty morsels, so if this is your dish, read my full article and start making your reservations.