Los Angeles Confidential Magazine: Sunday Suppers

In a big city like LA, it can be hard to connect to old-fashioned rituals like a family-style Sunday supper, but several restaurants around town (including some of my favorites) host one every week.

These suppers are a way to reconnect with those close to you in beautiful restaurants with gourmet food in a relaxed, laidback setting, all for a usually moderate price.

Included on my list are famous Sunday suppers like those at Lucques, which Suzanne Goin has been hosting for over a decade now, and Dominick's, as well as newer entrants like The Parish, Cafe del Rey and even Thomas Keller's Bouchon, where you can get the decorated chef's famous roast chicken with all the fixings in a special Sunday three-course prix-fixe meal.

Check out the full list here: http://la-confidential-magazine.com/dining/articles/restaurants-with-sunday-dinner-specials