LA Confidential Magazine: Private Dining Rooms for Holiday Parties

Holiday season is upon us, and for all of you whose duties include planning the office holiday party - or maybe just those who want to take their friends and loved ones for a nice meal out at this time of year, I compiled a list of great restaurants around Los Angeles with delicious private dining experiences and beautiful settings for your next dinner party out that appears in the December issue of LA Confidential Magazine.

You can find my full article here, but just for a sneak peek, the list includes some of my favorites like Cecconi's, Culina, Hatfield's and Mozza, among others. Bon appetit!


Maddie Pierce said…
It is cool that there are still so many places to do private dining. It seems like a really good way to mark a special occasion with someone special. Maybe I should do something like this for Valentine's day.