The Points Guy Destination of the Week: Santa Fe

For the Destination of the Week on The Points Guy this Friday, we decided to head to the old Southwest and check out a town I've been meaning to visit for a while: Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I learned a ton of fascinating things about the city including the fact that it's actually the oldest state capital in the US at over 400 years old, and that the restaurant scene is really starting to heat up, not to mention the fact that there's an awesome assortment of museums dedicated to everything from native artifacts and colonial life to the city's most famous artist, Georgia O'Keeffe.

Personally, I've been dying to get there during the summer for the season at the outdoor theater of the Santa Fe Opera, and to try some of the sparkling wines made nearby.

Have a look at the post on The Points Guy, and start planning your summer trip there too!