JustLuxe: Mile High Wines on Air France

Time for another wine-tasting article on JustLuxe, this one inspired by my recent experience aboard Air France. Well, actually, I started tasting the airline's wines before my flight to Paris in the lounge at Boston airport, and then continued up in the air in business class. Naturally, all the wines they were pouring were French--some hits, some misses--mostly enjoyable and food-friendly, though, so I don't have too many complaints. And yes, I did try them all--but remember, I don't drink a whole glass, I just sample!

You know how interested I am in airline wine programs, so this was a fun one. Plus, this picture was my actual flight attendant and she was very nice, so I thought I'd include a picture of her to add a little color.

Find out what I drank and what I thought here: http://www.justluxe.com/lifestyle/dining/feature-1762041.php