HotelChatter: Shangri-La Paris Views

I look at a lot of hotel photos. I also take a lot of hotel photos. And one of the things I always notice is that my photos don't look like the ones on hotel web sites. Granted, I'm not a professional photographer, but sometimes I think if I see one more wide-angled lens shot that magically converts a broom-closet-size space into a palatial suite, I'll scream.

So it's with a great sense of delight that I got to write a quick, fun post for HotelChatter about my incredible suite at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris earlier this month. Not only was it a gorgeous two-story space, but the Eiffel Tower views were literally picture perfect. Yes, the picture at the top of this post is one I took from my little balcony. The only thing that was better was seeing the hourly light show on the tower that night.

Finally, a hotel that doesn't misrepresent the experience through photos. Have a look yourself and let me know what you think.