Biodynamic Wines from Chile, New Zealand and California

For my latest JustLuxe piece, I got to revisit one of my favorite topics from the past: biodynamic wines. Specifically, I wrote a tasting piece that both discussed the basics of biodynamics as well as my thoughts on three particular wines I've sampled in the past couple of months:

-2010 Bendigo Pinot Noir from Quartz Reef in New Zealand's Central Otago region, which I visited in November
-2008 Coyam Red Blend from Chile's Colchagua Valley, which I tried in the LAN VIP Mistral Lounge in the Santiago Airport
-2011 Envolve Winery Sonoma Mountain Rose, which I tasted at a lunch in LA back in February

One rose, two reds, lots of interesting flavors, and some great background stories on each. Find it all in my article at the link below. Cheers!