My Year in Review

As 2011 draws to a close, I wanted to take a quick look back at my year in travel by the numbers. It’s been an amazing, challenging, rewarding, utterly fantastic whirlwind of globetrotting. My friends often joke I’m never in LA, so I thought I’d calculate just how many miles I’d flown, the countries I’d visited, and the days I’ve spent away from home, and here are the numbers. How do yours stack up, and how are you going to make 2012 even better?

Miles flown: 116,000 (crossed the Pacific eight times and the Atlantic 4 times)

Longest flight: Tie LAX-SYD and LAX-HKG, 14.5 hours

Shortest flight: LAX-SFO

Airlines flown: 10

Countries visited: 8

Continents visited: 5

Hotels: 57

Days out of the country: 103

Days out of Los Angeles: 153

Longest trip: 27 days, Australia

Shortest trip: 2 days, Cancun

Highest altitude: About 14,000 feet at the Tatio Geysers in Chile

Destinations for next year: South Africa for safari and wine, Cambodia to see Angkor Wat, Brazil for beach and jungle, and spending a month in Paris