Jaunted: New Zealand Farmer's Markets

I love when I get to write stories that combine my background in food and cuisine with wide-ranging travel...as with this week's Jaunted story on the burgeoning farmer's market scene in New Zealand.

You might have seen my other recent Jaunted piece about some of the fabulous foods (and sometimes odd ones) I got to try during my recent trip there, but now it's time to meet some of the actual farmers and food purveyors who actually grow and make them at two very special markets in Auckland and Central Otago.

Bon appetit!

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2011/12/20/203118/75/travel/Shopping+Two+of+New+Zealand%27s+Best+Farmers%27+Markets:+What+to+See,+Smell+and+Taste