Jaunted: Christchurch's Project Re:Start

Here's a quick Jaunted article from earlier this week about one of the coolest things I saw while I was in New Zealand, Project Re:Start in Christchurch.

Basically, it's a temporary mall made from purpose-built shipping containers that some of the city's coolest boutiques have moved into. It's right outside the city's "red zone," which is still a landscape of condemned buildings nearly a year after the city's devastating earthquake, so it's providing the residents of the city center with a public place to hang out, have fun, grab a bite, do some shopping, etc., which the place has been sorely lacking all these months.

Take a look at my article and pictures at the link below, and if you happen to be passing through Christchurch, you should definitely check it out!

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2011/12/12/185321/18/travel/Project+Re%3AStart+Brings+%28Colorful%29+Retail+Back+to+Christchurch