LA Confidential Magazine: Tom Colicchio's Craft

One of the other new elements of the redesign of LA Confidential is a feature in each issue called So Many Lunches where we profile a landmark Los Angeles restaurant, talk to the chef, learn about the menu, chat about the celebrities you're likely to see while you're there, and give you the skinny on the best tables in the house.

For our first installment, we went big, with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio's Craft. It couldn't help but become a fixture on the dining scene here, with a big-name chef, and a location inside CAA's enormous, gleaming new agency office building.

The real thrill of doing the article, though, was talking to Colicchio himself, who was extremely voluble and gracious, and genuinely excited about LA's food scene and why he thinks it's so great to be a chef here.

I'd encourage you to grab an actual issue if you can since the article looks amazing, but in the meantime, you can check out the online version here: