LA Confidential Magazine: Meat Cocktails

My final piece in October's issue of LA Confidential is about the hottest new ingredient popping up in cocktails all over town: meat. That's right, booze are getting beefed up with a healthy helping of protein (usually in the form of bacon).

To delve into the trend, I talked with one of LA's best known mixologists, Aidan Demarest, whose fingerprints are on cocktail menus all over the city including those at The Edison, 1886, The Spare Room, and his latest venture (in Glendale!), Neat.

We discussed why pork works so well in cocktails, why Spam might be the next big thing, and just why it is that "cocktails are going culinary," as he put it.

I also include a roundup of some of the splashiest meaty cocktails around town including some from Hatfield's, Napa Valley Grille, Locanda del Lago (which actually comes with a whole plate of fried speck), Comme Ca, Michael's and Rivera (beef jerky!).

Take a look at the article at the link below. Cheers!