Jaunted: The Air New Zealand Wine Awards

Those of you who follow my comings and goings on Facebook or Twitter can see that I'm in New Zealand at the moment. I came down here just about a week ago for the Air New Zealand Wine Awards in Auckland, which is probably the biggest event in the country's wine industry. Since then I've actually been visiting some of the winemakers that I met there at their own wineries in Nelson, Marlborough and Waipara, with Central Otago to come next week.

But the reason I came down here in the first place was to attend these awards and use them as a lens into the country's wine scene in general. So take a look on my piece from this week on Jaunted where I talk not only about the awards themselves, but also to some of the big names in wine down here (including two of the airline's wine consultants), give you a rundown of the events, and a look back at just how far New Zealand wines have come in the 25 years since the awards took their present shape (hint: Sauvignon Blanc was barely to be found back then, but now it makes up 75% of the country's grape crop!).

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2011/11/15/02621/571/travel/The+Who%2C+What%2C+Where%2C+and+Why+of+the+Air+New+Zealand+Wine+Awards