HotelChatter: Sydney Club InterContinental

You know I love my hotel club lounges, and though I had a fantastic experience at the Hong Kong InterContinental and its fabulous lounge (seriously some of the best hotel lounge food I've had, and fantastic service), I have to say that one of my other favorite InterContinental lounges because it's got the best views of Sydney and its famous Harbour--and is one of the only spots in the city open to the average traveler where you get the perfect perspective including both the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

What would make it perfect? If they included free WiFi in the $150 AUD/day fee, but maybe with a little more pressure they'll consider that. For now, sit back with a glass of Margaret River wine and enjoy the sunset from the 32nd-floor wraparound wooden deck. It's a true Sydney moment.

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