HotelChatter: Fairmont Mayakoba's Green Team Leader

This week I'm doing another installment of my HotelChatter series on Cool Hotel Jobs, only this time I'm going with a specific theme: green jobs. I went back through my files and thought of the coolest eco-jobs in the hospitality industry that I've come across and heard about, and came up with the five awesomest ones (so far!) for this week to show people that even going to luxury resorts halfway around the world can have a positive impact. So, welcome to the series!

I got the chance to stay at the Fairmont Mayakoba in Mexico's Riviera Maya back in January, and was very impressed with their unique and attentive environmental conservation programs. The resort sits on a very special piece of land, and employs a full staff of stewards to care for it. So for today's piece in my HotelChatter series on green hotel jobs, I talked to the woman who runs that staff, Lyn Santos, about what sets Mayakoba apart, how the resort helps out the local community, and what her favorite things to do on-site are. Take a look at the link below.