Jaunted: Wine-Tasting in Chile's Colchagua Valley

I start this week off with a couple new wine pieces on Jaunted from my recent trip down to Chile. The first, from today, is about what is probably Chile's most famous wine region, and the one that has become renowned for producing what has become the country's national grape varietal (Carmenere): the Colchagua Valley just two hours southwest of Santiago.

In it, you can find out about where I tasted and what I did, and come along as I visit some of the biggest names in Chile's wine industry including Casa Silva, Montes, Casa Lapostolle, MontGras, Viu Manent and Santa Cruz...


Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2011/7/4/11723/33085/travel/Skipping+Out+on+Santiago+for+Casa+Silva+in+Chile%27s+Colchagua+Valley