MadeMan: Talking to The Points Guy

I love talking to my friend Brian, The Points Guy, about maximizing airline miles, hotel points, and all those loyalty programs that all of us are members of, and yet never really are able to use for anything of value. Well, that's where Brian comes in, of course, and shows all of us that there's actually a lot more value to all the points we've accrued than we ever could have wrung from them on our own--and he gets to jet all over the world staying in fabulous places doing it!

Meanwhile, my editors all seem to love Brian as an article topic as well since he is one of the savviest people out there at winkling amazing deals from points, is an expert on all the credit card offerings out there, and is entirely charming and relatable as he demystifies the byzantine systems by which these awards programs operate.

For my latest piece on him, I write about Brian and his tips on accruing and using airline miles in the most lucrative, efficient ways possible on MadeMan. There's still plenty of time to use points for a summer vacation, so read my interview with The Points Guy and start booking!