JustLuxe: ColLAboration's Pop-Up Beer Garden

This was just a fun, quick story for JustLuxe about a special event going on in Los Angeles for a few weekends in July: a pop-up beer garden.

ColLAboration is, well, a collaboration among several fantastic beer bars around LA including The Surly Goat in my neighborhood, Verdugo Bar, and Tony's Darts Away in Burbank. They're getting together three Saturdays in July and throwing a pop-up beer garden on the Sunset Strip. Best of all, admission is just $10, and pours of fantastic craft beers from California and beyond are just $5-6 each, so you can try lots of things and meet the folks who are setting the LA beer scene on fire.

I'm going to head there on July 23 for the celebration of Belgian Independence Day, when they'll be pouring about 40 Belgian ales, including some of my favorites like Duvel Green.


Link: http://www.justluxe.com/travel/news/feature-1603312.php