HotelChatter: Paws Up's Camping Butler

I've been telling everyone about it this week, so you might already know, but I flew up to the wilds of Montana to spend a few days glamping at one of my all-time fantasy resorts: Paws Up. What with my series on HotelChatter and the other articles I've written, glamping is a huge and fun focus of mine, so I was thrilled to get out to one of the properties that pioneered the concept of glamorous camping in the United States, and to experience their ultra-luxe all-new Pinnacle Camp with two-bedroom tents, en suite bathrooms with heated floors and showers and spa jacuzzi tubs, and all the outdoor activities I could handle including whitewater rafting and cattle drives on horseback.

I also talked to one of the resort's signature "Camping Butlers," Matt, about what exactly he does, and why the s'mores he makes turn out so perfectly. Check it out, as well as a photo gallery, at the link below.