MadeMan: Weird BBQ!

Here comes another MadeMan article, and this one is just in time for Memorial Day because it takes as its subject...BBQ!

Not just any barbecue, though. I went on the hunt for the randomest, weirdest, wildest barbecue stories I could find. And I came up with everything from barbecued rattlesnake to a steak that you cook on your classic Cadillac's radiator contributed by chefs and pitmasters from around the country including Frank Ostini at Hitching Post II in Santa Barbara wine country (Buellton, to be exact), Ember Room's Ian Chalermkittichai , Jon Bonnell of Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine in Houston, and Morgan Murphy, an editor at Southern Living.

Now, I'll eat just about anything, and I've seen some pretty odd stuff, but some of these sound too bizarre to be true. You decide. Then fire up the grill!