JustLuxe: J Hilburn Custom Menswear

For my next JustLuxe piece, I branch out from my usual passions of food and travel to the twin metiers of style and fashion with this article on a recent experience I had with a new bespoke menswear clothier, J Hilburn.

One day while I was at a work lunch with a friend of mine who edits a publication here in LA, I noticed that he was dressed nicer than usual, so I asked him where he got his clothes, and he told me that they came from J Hilburn. The company doesn't have any stores, but operates sort of like an old-timey bespoke haberdashery with a network of ladies across the country who come to your home or office, take your measurements, walk you through the company's clothing catalog and help you pick out a new wardrobe. The best part is, since the company has very little overhead, the clothes you get are of comparable quality to those you'll find at Nieman's or Brooks Brothers and from the same mills that make Zegna and Ralph Lauren, but at a fraction of the cost both of department store and especially of the usual custom-clothing price tag.

I scheduled my own appointment and settled on a shirt and a pair of trousers, which have since been made exactly to my specifications and shipped to me, and which I've been wearing out to social engagements all over LA and getting tons of great compliments on.

Needless to say, I'm a happy guy at the moment. So I wanted to talk about the experience on JustLuxe, so take a look, and think about getting your dad something special from here on father's day!

Link: http://www.justluxe.com/fine-living/fashion/feature-1576245.php